The Emasculation of Chinese Males

For good reason the opening chapter of Genesis advises men, not women, to leave the safety and security of father and mother and cleave unto a wife.  Women are told no such thing.  And while I might like to think this is God’s provision for women in actual fact this is God promoting the ongoing maturity of males.  It is not good for a man to be alone, not because being alone is bad but because that situation allows him to be a self indulgent juvenile.  It is easy to stay with Mommy and Daddy, who always have a special love for their sons, not facing the world nor quitting oneself as a man.

When that small baby is placed in a new father’s arms, if he has any sense of obligation at all, he thinks – How am I going to feed, clothe, house and educate this person until he or she is 18?  He will soon learn.

A mature man assumes ever-increasing responsibilities for his own life and that of his family.  But not so in China, a nation of spoiled children of both genders, increasingly pampered and demanding.  The government provides the basics in life, telling people that is all they need.  The entitlement mentality says, “I deserve this, by right.  You owe it to me.”

We joke about socialism being a “god” but indeed, as All-Powerful, All Provider it certainly is in that position, a position it devoutly wants to maintain because to do so is to keep control over the lives of millions.  China has cheap beer and cigarettes, heat for housing, cheap housing, cheap food, and cheap medical care. Not only are these things cheap, they are also cheaply made and performed with mediocrity.  Beyond that, whatever do you need?  We have given you everything, and further, they tell the public “you don’t need anything beyond this anyway.”  To emasculate one must first create dependency.

Censorship permeates Chinese life.  With almost no contact with the outside world, books, magazines or international TV, so the Chinese assume they have the best of all possible worlds, and they have been told this in any event that China is a “developing nation” which will someday be equal to or better than any foreign power.  Not really – to develop is to go from A to B to C in linear progression.

In the nearly 12 months I worked on Inner Mongolia I observed meager moving forward.  There is expansion, more buildings, more people, more needs but development means that the one level higher that you are building is superior to the previous one.

Like a fat man who buys new clothes nothing in the inside changes.  Consequently the adult males in China are uniformly indolent, unmotivated and without morals that go beyond the rubric of “getting along.”  Divorce, like the beer, is cheap.  And if it causes problems in your life, as invariably it does, well no matter, you are merely an historical creature, you die and go to an all-China heaven (if you believe in an afterlife) and anyway it does not matter.

Men do have the option of developing businesses within the confines of the state’s regulations.  The goal for most males in China is to make a very great deal of money, legally if you happen upon an opportunity or illegally as a state official exacting bribes.  You cannot buy real estate to give to your children so you spend the money on apartments (rental of course) for girlfriends in various cities.  There is no moral payday and therefore no accountability because there is no god to whom one must answer.  Young people start out highly motivated, then frustrated then discouraged.

The wealthy sons wile away their time on Mah Jong or whatever, waiting for their girlfriends to emerge from paid jobs. Daytime is spent drinking and eating with the guys at the local restaurant in the back room or playing cards on the sidewalk in good weather.  In contrast construction workers are zealous but they are not the decision makers in China, nor will they ever be.  The women have caught wise.  Who needs a husband like that!  In a nation with 32 million excess males due to forced abortions better off women often focus on career and families and leave marriage to others.

How can you reach 1.7 billion such people in an increasingly all-male, and pro-male society?  What possible motivation could such men have to initiate a truly capitalist, performance based political system!   I love China or I would not be there.  I want to see her become the best that she can be, better than the cautious inertia of today.

If there is any reason to dislike socialism this is it.  But wait, isn’t that happening already in America, the over-indulgence, the Nanny State.  How lax of me.


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