China & the Law of Unintended Consequences

I doubt if The Congress or the President realized that by pushing up the debt limit, borrowing huge amounts of money for a now-failed,stimulus, or additional legislation which is a path to fiscal death, that they would also be causing great suffering to the Chinese.
Here is the recent news story.,2933,579979,00.html

Fast-Growing Christian Churches Crushed in China

LINFEN, China — Towering eight stories over wheat fields, the Golden Lamp Church was built to serve nearly 50,000 worshippers in the gritty heart of China’s coal country.

But that was before hundreds of police and hired thugs descended on the mega-church, smashing doors and windows, seizing Bibles and sending dozens of worshippers to hospitals with serious injuries, members and activists say

Today, the church’s co-pastors are in jail. The gates to the church complex in the northern province of Shanxi are locked and a police armored personnel vehicle sits outside.

The closure of what may be China’s first mega-church is the most visible sign that the communist government is determined to rein in the rapid spread of Christianity, with a crackdown in recent months that church leaders call the harshest in years.

Authorities describe the actions against churches as stemming from land disputes, but the congregations under attack are among the most successful in China’s growing “house church” movement, which rejects the state-controlled church in favor of liturgical independence and a more passionate, evangelical outlook.

While the Chinese constitution guarantees freedom of religion, Christians are required to worship in churches run by state-controlled organizations: The Three-Self Patriotic Movement for Protestants and the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association for Roman Catholics.

But more and more Chinese are opting to choose their own churches, despite them being technically illegal and subject to police harassment. Christians worshipping in China’s independent churches are believed to number upwards of 60 million, compared to about 20 million who worship in the state church, according to numbers provided by scholars and church activists.

You can find the balance if the story at the URL.
China has no interest in human rights and only knuckle under to American threats when we hold the money card. Now China has us as a virtual chattel to their loans. So now, watching our debt level rise, the army and the police are free, at least until our balance sheet looks better, beat up Christians and show the rest of China that the communists still control the nation.

GOD KEEPS SCORE. Chinese Christians are God’s people and our country is causing them grief.


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