A major problem in China

A major problem in Chinese thinking is the lack of personal accountability for government leaders. This is in marked contrast to Chinese daily lives where feverish competition, esp. in school, has students thinking solely about themselves and not the group.

For example, Mao Zedong, who as dictator presided over the starving death of 30,000,000 people, is not personally blamed but “government policies” were at fault. How obtuse is this? Mao was in charge – he told people what to do – and they died! Mao’s record put him far ahead of Hilter in the ranks of genocidal maniacs but China draws back in on herself to protect her own.

This business is schizophrenic at best, the instability results from trying to hold two opinions at the same time. America is showing the same stupidity by allowing President Obama to continually blame Republicans as though he just moved into the White House and bears no responsibility for the economic mess of the past 3 years. Schizophrenia in Greek means “doubled mindedness” – you cannot have an individually trained workforce and a collective nation and be anything but unstable.


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