Asia in Turmoil

I’ve not written much in the past several months because I’ve been studying the underground press out of China. Unfortunately what they write is not available to those behind the bamboo-curtain but within China there is a growing internet rebellion. There are serious protests all over the country, mostly involving the spoiling of the natural environment, the fouling of the rivers and the air. The protests have been so effective that a number of plants have not been built or forestalled.

In the Philippines there is an ongoing controversy with China over property China thinks it owns going back to the time of oracle bones no-doubt and having little relevance to modern living. Clearly, the Asian nations on the water do not think that as they speak other languages and have totally different customs that China has no right to the land others have inhabited and improved. China has a big ego these days.

And – the anti-Tibet business and the unrest in Mongolia continues as before only with a lot more force. I venture to say the Tibetans will never, ever be Chinese and that China should just face the probability that they will be fighting this religion for a very long time. These ethnic wars are costly and going nowhere. Meanwhile the Uyghurs in the far west, living in a very deprived place, with little water and fewer resources are still a thorn in their flesh. Until China decides it wants to end these culture wars, it will continue to take time, treasure, and focus away from what is really needed – a solid economic base.

And speaking of that the robbery of China’s national treasury by high and mighty bureaucrats is perhaps the smelliest business of all. The soap-opera like drama of evil, stupidity, and greed is making the “harmonious China” anything but.

In any event, these pictures out of Hong Kong tell the tale of people who have been free and prosperous for 100 years having to face the probability of forced brain washing by people who have NOT been free and prosperous for 100 years. Guess who is going to win this one? Click here for a group of photos of protestors.

Meanwhile Taiwan is looking on saying, “Go Hong Kong” because if Hong Kong wins its freedom Taiwan knows it can too. Better still would be China decides to join the democratic nations, allow public selection of leaders, free press, free land acquisition, and end to local control. Out of this will come a strong China. It may be a bitter pill to swallow but Chiang Kai-shek was right after all. Democratic principles work.

As an American, I don’t want China to become Americanized. I love China; the world is enriched by her culture. But politically she is a 1.5 billion people mess and needs to face this new century with reality, not the delusions of grandeur of the past. The celestial heaven, indeed.


2 responses to “Asia in Turmoil

  1. Look online for China Digital Times and Sinocism. To my knowledge nothing is on paper, only online. I subscribe so I get several downlands everyday. Happy hunting.

  2. I’d be very interested to know more about the underground press in China – how is this organised, disseminated, is it printed material or new media?

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