Abortion – the Chinese Kryptonite

3 generations of Chinese

I found this terrific drawing at China Daily online.

These pages have, for 5 years, focused on the inner heart of the Chinese person. You can get the data somewhere else but I prefer to analyze the nation using a universal ruler about the spiritual man. This is what people are on the inside no matter what kind of culture surrounds and impacts them.

Communism, even so-called Chinese Communism has never really been inside the heads of the Chinese. It might be called Obsessive Compulsive for a few, but considering the huge population a small portion indeed. This is a culture that prizes family over everything, even to the faulty elevation of the Han, over and above the plasticized Marxist doctrine imposed on them for the past 60 plus years. In fact, I often wonder why – save for the Chinese reputation for patience – they have tolerated it so long.

Abortion is a case in point. Abortion is the political darling of the Marxist liberal that has been embraced by Westerners, e.g. Americans who are gay and lesbian, in other words, not family producers, and political leftists who see population control as a personal and corporate goal.

But this is not China. If I had a date to set when the Chi-communist state started to crumble it would be in May 2008 when the horrific earthquake destroyed so many children in China. It was the coup de grace for an already poisonous social policy that had gotten wildly out of hand. For one thing, wealthy Chinese were able to buy a 2nd child with cold hard cash. The poor, and presumably those who should not be having more children simply because they are poor, were the ones facing forced abortions and during the earthquake a massive loss of children who could not be replaced. Some women were beyond child-bearing age. Of course, the Chinese know how to handle crises – they have so many of them – and parent-less children found their way into childless homes. But the acid burn of public policy began to eat away at them.

In addition, the population control device of abortion clearly was not working. The population somehow continues to rise. China says publicly that they have 1.3 billion people when underground sources say more like 1.5. That is five times the number of Americans and we are now stretched ourselves.

The tiny baby, no matter where he or she is born, has within him the DNA which seeks not just peace, but change and improvement. It might be called a happy dissonance. The Chinese have been told, believed and expected that the highly flawed celestial heaven they left behind with a failed Qing Dynasty would be replaced by a more just and equitable society. In fact the exact opposite has happened. The impoverished Qing coolie of yesteryear has been replaced by the factory worker of Quangdong Province making widgets.

Not that anyone wants a return to warloads and landlords, but those two great enemies of happiness and harmony have merely been replaced by corrupt leaders on every side. And then they steal their offspring to boot? So much for harmony!!

The Chinese man wants to get married and have a son, but who will he marry if the baby girls are aborted or shipped off to adoptive parents in the USA and elsewhere? Social scientists have predicted bride wars in China. There is already a surplus of males in Hainan Province where males outnumber females 100:118 at last count. It may actually be more now. That figure is 4 years old.

The blind activist, Chen Guangcheng, who recently was released to the USA, no doubt to get his unsettling influence away from China during a stormy transfer of power, was, among other things, a foe of forced abortions. His cause has by no means been diminished by his absence. If anything, the ground swell of discontent continues.

None of this can be blamed on the ever despised American. No American is killing their babies or siphoning off money for lands and businesses in Western Canada. No – this is home grown.

It is rather amusing to think of the self-congratulatory modern mandarins riding about in sleek black Mercedes planning ever more glorious social improvements while the termite of abortion eats away at the fragile rotten wood of Chinese Communism. No American will benefit if China collapses, but no one in Western society wants to see so much personal misery on so many people. In the end, culture beats out politics every single time.


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