Brief Background of the Author

In 1992 as a missionary intern in the Philippines, God called me to China. TWELVE years later (2005 and I’d nearly forgotten) a total stranger phoned and soon we arrived in Northern China to teach English. We also received permission to use the Chinese-English bilingual Bible in class when China was “being nice” before the Olympics. I’ve continued since then off-and–on dodging arcane Chinese immigration rules. The Chinese police (it is a national police force, not local) once followed me for 5 weeks thinking I was working with Mongolian dissidents! I also had an official “spy” in my classes but we became friends. Finally they realized I had no extra-political motives and they gave me a military send-off – or maybe they were just relieved to see me go home! This year several unrelated phone calls warned that my old haunts were dangerous; my return was blocked. So, armed with a year of spoken Chinese and a 2-year visa, I wait for new call. I don’t have a real home anymore – just email addresses.


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