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China’s Weak Financial Position

A trusted Chinese-American source verifies for me that China is in no position to threaten the USA. Written reports from Chinese sources regarding production, profits, workers on the job and other key economic factors indicate that a good bit of lying about all these factors means the economy of China is on serious skids. I do not say this to advise you regarding your investments of money. Just don’t invest any time or energy worrying about them buying up Nebraska or the Golden Gate bridge.

One of the other social endorsements whereby we know this is true is because China is sending in anchor babies. Pregnant women come from China in order to have a child born here who can promote the family’s immigration later.

This would hardly be done by well-to-do Chinese if they saw a future in their own nation. Since only the wealthy can afford the travel out of the country America finds itself in the same position it did as Germany under Nazi control. The best and brightest got out as quickly as they could.